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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tulfo's Column

On Target : ABS-CBN makes pitch for Noli

Ramon Tulfo
Inquirer News Service

SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT OF Filipinos think Vice President Noli de Castro is capable of being No. 1 should President Macapagal-Arroyo resign, according to the latest survey by the reputable Social Weather Stations (SWS).

And why not? De Castro is definitely more intelligent than ousted President Erap.

The former ABS-CBN news reader has more sense when he talks than Erap whenever he opens his mouth.

Erap would have been a good president if he didn't mix kalokohan with governance. He indulged too much in wining, womanizing and gambling. De Castro doesn't drink, is reportedly ander de saya (henpecked) and goes to bed early.

If Erap would have made a good president without his vices, De Castro would even be better because he has no vices.

* * *

I have it on good authority that ABS-CBN, the country's largest network where Noli had his star, is backing up its former news reader and commentator to replace President Arroyo.

Ever so subtly, the Lopez-owned network is imposing Noli de Castro on the people's consciousness as GMA's replacement. My sources in the network say, GMA's downfall is "just a matter of time."

So, the network has taken back De Castro as host of the popular tele-magazine, "Magandang Gabi, Bayan."

At the same time, ABS-CBN keeps covering rallies calling for GMA's resignation, making such events headline material, and interviewing opposition leaders more than administration officials.

* * *

Like the Iglesia ni Cristo, ABS-CBN fancies itself as a kingmaker since it was reportedly responsible for the election of public officials whom it had supported.

The Lopezes are interested in having De Castro installed as President because they perceive they can control their former employee and have him do their bidding.

Apart from ABS-CBN, the Lopezes also own the Manila Electric Co., the Maynilad water concession, the North Luzon Expressway, Bayantel telephone company, and many others.

The Lopezes need a powerful protector of their varied business interests.